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unfinished: probably never will be | drawing board: unfinished beta stage fic | yaoi or slash: m/m
R: some naughty bits | NC-17: some VERY naughty bits. handle with care | omake: parody. ha-ha funny.
AU: alternate universe. extremely non-canon. deal with it.

I own none of these characters, except for the ones in
Metal Angel Rhapsody, Blink, and Cal's Tale (and any other Original pieces to be posted in the future).
All others are works of mad, fannish appreciation, and as such, mean no copyright infringement or harm on their true owners.
I make no money from the fics, but I love writing them.

My heart may love many things, but it always holds the old, and leaves room for new.

Original Manga

Cal's Tale [unfinished]
Book 1: The Sorceror's Apprentice

Angelic [shounenai manga series]
updated as of 12/31/02

Metal Angel Rhapsody [manga]


Cyborg 009:
Catch Me [yaoi/429/R/Drawing Board]

Devil May Cry:
Dante in Underland [omake/Drawing Board ]
Vagrant Angels [Vagrant Story/Devil May Cry xover]
[yaoi/NC-17/Drawing Board]
T'was the Night Before X'mas [omake/yaoi/R]

Windows of the Soul

Final Fantasy 8:
Cold Hands [yaoi/hentai/NC-17]

Fushigi Yuugi:
Forever [links to genbu no fanfic
at hokkan heaven]
nominee 2000 FY fanfiction awards:
best drama

my works at Gatchaman Fanfic Archive
Red Impulse: Extopia [1|2|3|4]
Terribly, Terribly Wrong [omake]
The chief chef chase [omake]

Harry Potter:
Treat [slash/PG]
Winner, 2002 Crimson Ink "Spatula Contest"
Always Coming Home Again [slash/R/Drawing Board]
Small Requiem
[hint o' slash/angst/PG/OotP Spoiler warning]

Kingdom Hearts:
Home is Where the Heart Is
[yaoi/NC-17/coming soon]

Ruroni Kenshin:
Aoshi and the 7 Dwarves [omake]

2000 RKRC Nominee Fic

The Raven [omake]
Still Waters [unfinished]
The Promotion [AU/yaoi/NC-17]
Progression [AU/yaoi/NC-17]
Onnagata [AU/yaoi/NC-17/Drawing Board]

Tod und Die Krahe [yaoi/R]
Heart of Sword [RK/WK xover] [yaoi/R

Of Knights and Dragons

Shadows in the Green [yaoi/R]

Tales of Destiny:
Fear of Falling [yaoi/R]
Full Circle [unfinished/yaoi/R]

Hide and Seek [slash/NC-17]

Touch [yaoi/PG-13]

Vagrant Story:
Slither [yaoi/NC-17]
Vagrant Angels [Vagrant Story/Devil May Cry xover]
[yaoi/NC-17/Drawing Board]

Weiss Kreuz:
Heart of Sword [RK/WK xover] [yaoi/R]
Nominee 2000 Takuhitsu WK Fanfiction:
Best Xover/Best Yaoi

Benediction [AU/slash/NC-17]
Winner, April 2002 Morgana's Award,
Best Gambit Story (slash)

dream a little dream [yaoi/R]
blink [deus ex machina/AU] [yaoi/NC-17]

Yami no Matsuei:
Persephone [yaoi/NC-17/Drawing Board]

iron chef tsuzuki and the eels of doom [omake/hints of yaoi]

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